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Landscape Architecture

  • PUD Master Planning

  • Urban courtyards

  • Plazas over structure

  • Recreational Amenity Areas

  • Streetscapes

  • Pedestrian trails and walkways

  • Neighborhood design

  • Large scale residential / community landscape design

  • Comprehensive Signage Plans

  • Community Entrance Features

  • Illustrative Plans and Exhibits

Urban provides our clients with a full spectrum of landscape architectural services. We function as a small, independent studio but with all the capabilities and resources of a premier engineering firm behind us.

Our group combines the skills of landscape architecture, planning and urban design to create innovative outdoor spaces. Our design philosophy employs the ideal of creating simple, elegant, cohesive designs that are well-coordinated with the work of all team members. We have a clear understanding of project costs, current construction techniques and the importance of delivering a complete product within the limits of our client’s project timeline. Our workload is carefully managed to ensure that our clients have personal involvement with the same team members throughout the project.

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